Local Shopify Dropshipping Course
Practically Step By Step From Product Hunting to Product Scaling

And how to Increase Sales in multiple lacs Practically And Strategically From Scratch with 1-1 Support

Learn And Start Local Dropshipping Business With Minimum Investment of 15k to 30k

Even You’ll learn Strategy How to start with 5k

Trial Class (Must Watch)

Course Outline And Topics

  1. Product Selection Criteria.
  2. How to find winning product in local Market (Secret Method)?
  3. How to verify product?
  4. How to find high quality product images?
  5. How To find Product video that we’ll use in Facebook ads? (Secret Method)
  6. How to create Shopify Website(Store)?
  7. How to create Effective and convertible landing page.?
  8. How to List Product.?
  9. Which thing need to focus on at listing time?
  10. How To get reviews on product? (Reviews are most important thing for sales)
  11. How to create Facebook Business Page?
  12. How to optimize page?
  13. How to create Instagram Business Profile?
  14. How to connect Instagram and Facebook page with each other?
  15. How to get images to post on Facebook and Instagram?
  16. How to create Facebook Business Manager?
  17. How to create Facebook Pixel?
  18. How to create Ad account?
  19. Now how to connect all these things to Shopify store?
  20. How to create Facebook shop?
  21. How to verify your domain On Facebook?
  22. How to find audience for your product?
  23. How to target interest for your product?
  24. How to write ad copy?
  25. How to test and find best creative(Product Video or Image) which’ll Perform best and give sales?
  26. How to refine Target Audience?
  27. How to fulfil orders?
  28. How to get payment of your orders?
  29. How to get product return if there is problem?
  30. How to replace product if product is damage?
  31. How you will received
  32. payment in Your Bank Account?
  33. Tiktok Ads Overview
  34. Difference Between Tiktok Ads And FB Ads (Which Is  better to start)
  35. How to Setup Pixel On Titok Ads 
  36. Product Criteria For Tiktok Ads 
  37. How to make Creatives For Tiktok Ads
  38. How to Setup Campaign For Titok Ads
  39. Premium Sales Strategy Of Tiktok Ads
  1. Shopify Store Creation Lecture 1 Overview
  2. How to add products?
  3. Inventory Transfer Collection And Analytics
  4. Sales Chanel, Apps, Discount And Marketing
  5. Payment Method Setup Settings Part 1
  6. Shipping Charges Setting Part 2
  7. How To Add Top Menu And Footer Menu
  8. Header Setup And Footer Setup
  9. Homepage Setup Part 1
  10. Homepage Setup Part 2
  11. Practical Website Creation From Scratch Part 1
  12. Practical Website Creation From Scratch Part 2
  13. Assignments
  1. Facebook Ads Course From Scratch
  2. How To Ads Employs In Business Manager | Lecture 1
  3. Accounts Setup In Business Manager | Lecture 2
  4. Catalogue In Business Manager
  5. Pixel In Business Manager
  6. Offline event in Business Manager
  7. Custom Conversion In Business Manager
  8. Domain Registration And Block List
  9. Payment Method And Business Info
  10. Pixel And Catalogue Setup For E commerce website
  11. Pixel Setup And Button Tracking For Non E-commerce Website
  12. Campaign Adsets And Ads
  13. How Compaign Objectives Works
  14. Campaign Level Settings
  15. Adset Level Settings
  16. Location Age Gender
  17. Detail Targeting
  18. Strategy For Different Business Type
  19. Creative Manual Upload | Ad Level
  20. Crousel Ad | Ad level |
  21. Catalogue and Collection Ads
  22. How to write Ad Copy
  23. Ad Creative
  24. Leads Generation Ads
  25. How to measure Matrices
  26. Retargeting Ads Overview
  27. Your Source Audience Creation
  28. Facebook Source Audience Creation
  29. How Retarget Different Audiences
  30. Catalogue Retarget, Cross sell
  31. Lookalike Audience
  32. Catalogue Lookalike
  33. Automated Rules And Other Options
  34. Advertising Policies
  35. New Business Setup On Business Manager
  1. WhiteLabel Overview And Benefits
  2. Requirements To Start Whitelabel
  3. Process And Road Map
  4. How to test Product
  5. How To Find Whitelabel Suppliers
  6. How to stock product
  7. How To Create Cash On Delivery Account in Companies
  8. Order Processing
  9. Payments Process
  1. Scaling Overview And Results
  2. Different Stages Of Scaling
  3. Testing Stage
  4. Creative And Ad Copy Testing
  5. How to test different Audiences
  6. How To Estabslish An Audience
  7. How To scale When Getting Consistent Results
  8. Horizantol Scaling
  9. Vertical Scaling (Give Massive Results)
  10. How to Retarget Potential Buyers
  11. Lookalike Audience and Testing
  12. Retargeting Attempt 2

After Course Completion ?

  • You will be able to Run A Professional Dropshipping Store with investment of 15k to 30k and scale your store at high sales with Facebook ads And Tiktok Ads
  • You will be Able to generate sales in Lacs in first month

2 Free Gifts

  1. Teach you How you can use a free domain ( Save 10$ = 2200/-Rs)
  2. 4 month free shopify plan ( Save 29 * 4= 96$ = 21000/-Rs )

40+ Hours Practical


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1K+ Satisfied Students


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5 Reasons to chose this Course ?

  1. Everything Explained Practically With My Secret Strategies
  2. 3-Ways Students Support System
  3. A Practical Dropshipping Business Will be Built In Front Of Your Eyes.
  4. 2 Free Gifts With Course

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Frequently Asked Question

You will get sales in the first two weeks when you start advertising.

Profit ratio in this business is from 20% to 30%

You can easily start with 15k To 30k

Course is Online. Physical Classes not available yet. Course is very easy to understand even by a beginner student. Cause everything is well explained practically with pro strategies that you’ll never find

No you just have to take order with your profit. Supplier will Fulfil your order on your behalf.  And will send your calculated profit in your account.

Amir Mansha Dropshipping

Amir Mansha

E-commerce, Dropshipping and Digital Marketing Expert

My name is Amir Mansha. I’m currently doing ADP (Sales And Marketing) 4th – Semester.

I’ve Approx. 3 Year of Experience in E commerce and Dropshipping.

I’m Running Dropshipping Stores in US and UK and some are in Pak Market 

Course Fee 6000/-Rs

This is Not,
Your University, School Collage Fee
This Is Your Professional Skill Training Fee.

WhatsApp : 03177512284