Shopify UAE Dropshipping Champion Course
Practically Step By Step From Hunting to Scaling Live On Screen

Learm How To Start And Setup Shopify Dropshipping Store In UAE with Little investment

Learn Practically On Screen Course – Every Thning From Setup to getting sales In Front Of your Eyes 

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Course Outline

  1. My education
  2. How I Join E commerce
  3. My Digital Marketing Experience
  4. Live Sales Of UAE Dropshipping Store
  5. Why I’m Giving You This Training
  1. Product Hunting Crtereia
  2. Product Research
  3. Product Pricing 
  4. Product Creatives Research (4 websites that gives you creatives of every product)
  1. Store Creation Criteria 
  2. How Professional Store Looks Like
  3. Live Store Creation and Optimization
  4. Adding Products For Filling Store to give professional Look
  1. Product Listing Criteria (5 steps Keep In Mind when listing a Product – otherwise no sales)
  2. 3 apps that boost Your Sales
  3. Things Must be Added in Listing 
  4. Don’t Make These 5 mistakes in listing 
  5.  How Chat GPT will help in Listing 
  6. Live Listing Of Product that we Have Hunted
  1. Facebook Page Creation (Must Follow my optimization Otherwise sales will compromising)
  2. Instgram Page Creation
  3. Facebook Business Manger Setup
  4. Ad Accounts Setup 
  5. Pixel Setup (New Method)
  6. Connecting Store With Facebook 
  7. Facebook Pixel Setup 
  1. Things You Must Check before advertising
  2. Product Testing Compaigns 
  3. Analyse Results (Which Creative perform Good result)
  4. Auduince Testing Compaigns
  5. Analyse Results (Which Auduince Perform Best)
  6. Mantaining Results And Sales
  1. Types Of scaling
  2. Horizantoal Scaling
  3. Vertical Scaling(Secret Stratgy)
  4. Live Scaling
  5. Creating Retargeting Audeince
  6. How to retarget Audiunce
  7. How To create LookAlkike Audeince of buyers 
  8. How to target LookAlike Audience

5 Earning Ways After Course Completion ?

  1. You’ll Be able to run and Scale your UAE store to 100k Sales easily
  2. You can Start Your Facebook Advertising Agency 
  3. You can Give Services of store designings and Product Huntings 
  4. You Can Start Freelancing On fiverr And Upwork
  5. You Can Do Job in Any Advertising Company Cause Now you have skills of Stores and advertising

2 Free Gifts

Both Gifts Will Annoucne Only in course

7+ Hours Practical



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Mentor Support

4 Reasons to chose this Course ?

  1. All the course is practically on the screen – No Air Words
  2. Special Support Team will dedicated to all studeints That helps them on every step and hurdle
  3. Practically a store will setup and scale in front of you eyes with pro stratgies
  4. 2 Free Gifts Thats will only announce in course

Students Support System

A special Whatsapp support team will dedicate to all students That help them on every hurdle in learning and running Business

You will get sales in the first two weeks after start

Profit ratio in this business is from 20% to 30%

You can easily start with 50k to 100k PKR

Course is Online. Physical Classes not available yet. Course is very easy to understand even by a beginner student. Cause everything is well explained practically with pro strategies that you’ll never find

No. Product will be delivered with Cash on delivery 

Supplier collect cash on yourn behalf

Than Your Calculated Profit Will be transfered in your pakistani bank account by supplier on every cycle or request

No. You don’t need any trade licence Or any company for doing dropshipping In UAE

Amir Mansha Dropshipping

Amir Mansha

E-commerce, Dropshipping and Digital Marketing Expert

My name is Amir Mansha. I’m currently doing Business Admistration 8th – Semester.

I’ve Approx. 4 Year of Experience in E commerce and Dropshipping.

I’m Running Private label, Dropshipping Stores in UAE and some are in Pak Market

Course Fee 10,000/-Rs

Course Fee 7500/-Rs Till 15 July

This is Not,
Your University, School Collage Fee
This Is Your Professional UAE Business Training Fee.

WhatsApp : 03177512284